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Daniel Micci

Daniel Micci

We are lucky in Colorado to have many exceptional bodywork practitioners and other alternative healers. Daniel Micci has taken his role in developing as a healer seriously (and through a lens like none other!). After spending many years globetrotting, he returned to Colorado as part of his cancer-recovery journey. He simultaneously entered the world of massage as he went through a very complex recovery. His mission was both to heal himself and then to help others by sharing the same strategies and techniques that helped him learn to walk again and heal even beyond the doctor’s expectations. Though he wouldn’t wish his own recovery upon anyone, he also wouldn’t trade it in. His experience has been his teacher and guide, and it can be yours as well.


Daniel’s training embodies both Eastern and Western practices and perspectives – something he deliberately sought due to his insight of the wisdom of different beliefs towards healing that he experienced while traveling. Beyond just massage school, he furthered his knowledge with help from his medical team – in particular an array of several exceptional therapists – guiding him throughout his entire journey. Post-recovery, he has gained a special spot for working with people who have issues with their legs (especially knee joint mobility) and those who are currently being treated for cancer, or have ongoing repercussions from their cancer recovery. Daniel loves helping others finding the deeper messages that their bodies and situations might be sending them

Daniel also finished his meditation teacher training in Bali in 2018. His eclectic style is inspired by both his travel and his various trainings. Ultimately, his mission is to inspire others to be artists of their own healing. Utilizing his creativity to combine different therapeutic modalities, he desires maximum healing for each client as he helps them integrate a balance of mind, body, spirit, and emotion.


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Micci Wellness Frontdoor

The Location of Micci Wellness and Its Role in Healing

            Almost everyone has an inherent understanding about how space affects the psyche. Those of us who have undergone deeper healing often seek out locations that further provide us with the restorative energy that we are needing. This is often why we go on “retreats” for yoga, meditation, or even just a personal health vacation of our own design. However, we don’t always have to go so far to achieve a similar effect. Sometimes, in our own city, or even our own neighborhood, there are areas that help foster and cultivate our wholeness. The location of Micci Wellness is both personal and professional.

            Located in the historic district of Colorado Springs (aka Old Colorado City or for the locals the “Westside”), Micci Wellness is a historic family home. The Micci family is Italian and large, and with its abundance of carpenters, the family has personally cared for it throughout the years. The home was originally purchased in 1952. The Westside Tattoo shop just across the street was Micci Grocery, a family store founded and run by first-generation Italian immigrants. Although many things have changed, the Westside still has its own culture of mom-and-pop shops. Manitou Springs is a mere several minutes away, offering other healing opportunities for anyone interested in spending time in the area for a whole afternoon or day.