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What’s so special about Micci Wellness?

We are lucky in Colorado to have many exceptional bodywork practitioners and other alternative healers. Daniel Micci has taken his role in developing as a healer seriously (and through a lens like none other!). After spending many years globetrotting, he returned to Colorado as part of his cancer-recovery journey. He simultaneously entered the world of massage as he went through a very complex recovery. His mission was both to heal himself and then to help others by sharing the same strategies and techniques that helped him learn to walk again and heal even beyond the doctor’s expectations. Though he wouldn’t wish his own recovery upon anyone, he also wouldn’t trade it in. His experience has been his teacher and guide, and it can be yours as well.

Daniel Micci

The Location of Micci Wellness and Its Role in Healing

Almost everyone has an inherent understanding about how space affects the psyche. Those of us who have undergone deeper healing often seek out locations that further provide us with the restorative energy that we are needing. This is often why we go on “retreats” for yoga, meditation, or even just a personal health vacation of our own design. However, we don’t always have to go so far to achieve a similar effect. Sometimes, in our own city, or even our own neighborhood, there are areas that help foster and cultivate our wholeness. The location of Micci Wellness is both personal and professional.



Our Services

sweedish massage


Swedish massage aims to increase circulation, oxygenate your body’s tissues, and reduce stress, allowing your body to facilitate its own healing. Swedish utilizes various strokes and pressures per the client’s preference and enjoyment. This is the ideal massage if you are just looking to relax and surrender! The 120 minute session will include 30 minutes of integrative energy healing at the end.

deep tissue

Integrative/Deep Tissue Massage

I will integrate a variety of techniques, all based upon the client’s specific needs and goals. This is also the type of massage you would like to schedule if you are rehabbing a particular body part. Together we will create a plan and strategy specific to you. A session might include (but is not limited to) Swedish, table Thai, deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching, cupping, gua sha, trigger point work, as well as hot/cold therapies.

foot massage

Treat Your Feet/Ankles/Calves

This service first begins with a warm foot bath before moving to the table for a foot/ankle massage. The foot bath will contain Epsom salts and a blend of essential oils per the client’s preference/request (or you can choose the CBD bath bomb add-on for some extra soothing and luxurious comfort that will be followed with CBD or full spectrum lotion or salve, pending what your foot needs). To effectively release tension in the foot, I will work on releasing trigger points and tension in the ankles and calves first. At the end of the session, be amazed at just how much better standing feels! Working on this part of the body serves as a foundation for gait and posture.

Head, Feet, and Hands

Head, Feet, and Hands

Focusing on just these three body parts can leave you astonishingly replenished. I will incorporate various knowledge of reflexology and holding patterns to help you feel soothed, supported, and replenished. This is another clothes-on option for people who feel most comfortable this way, but still want the benefits of relaxation that come with massage.


Thai Yoga Massage

Let someone do the yoga for you! For people who carry tightness from work or sports, this bodywork gets you down on a Thai yoga mat, in which you will be pulled through a series that stretches different parts of the body. This clothes-on massage style is great for athletes and people looking to work on mobility and/or stretching.

Thai Yoga Massage/Stretching & Swedish Massage Blend

Thai Yoga Massage/Stretching & Swedish Massage Blend

Let someone do the yoga for you! For people who carry tightness from work or sports, this bodywork gets you down on a Thai yoga mat, in which you will be pulled through a series that stretches different parts of the body. Rather than go through a whole Thai massage sequence, we will go through the positions that are most effective for your goals on the mat and then finish the work with deep tissue and/or Swedish on the table. 

Integrative Energy Healing Massage

Integrative Energy Healing Massage

Using a blend of reiki, breathwork, and hands-on energy healing approaches pulled from a variety of disciplines, we will work on cultivating a healing frequency that will help you become more centered and balanced. I also often utilize the power of a full-body PEMF (pulsed-electromagnetic field) mat and/or the comforting warmth from red/infrared light. This type of healing is available to all types and is also for those who may be working through various trauma and wish for a sacred space to be held.